RFL200215: RayFlow 4.1 Hotfix 1

Applies to:

RayFlow Client 4.1.0 - 4.1.5689

Resolved Issues:

Unable to start a tool using an argument that combines static parts and dynamically resolved variables [RF-3706]


Implement the hotfix by following these instructions in order to rectify this situation:

1. Extract the RayFlow.exe file.
2. Close all instances of RayFlow client
3. Backup RayFlow.exe present in the main installation folder
4. Copy hotfix RayFlow.exe to the main installation folder
5. Restart the client

After implementing this hotfix, the version of the main executable should be 4.1.5690.79. Do not use this hotfix if your RayFlow.exe version is higher, as it already contains necessary changes.

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