RMS200223: Firewall ports for the remote console

If there is a firewall between a machine running the remote console and the AS, the following ports will need to be opened in order for correct operations to occur:- 


File and Printer Sharing =  TCP 139 & 445, UDP 137 & 138 – Incoming & outgoing. 
Secure World Wide Web Services (HTTPS) = TCP 443 [if used] – Incoming & outgoing. 
SQL Server Windows NT = TCP 1433 – Incoming & outgoing. 
World Wide Web Services (HTTP) = TCP 80 [if used] – Incoming & outgoing. 
MGS Listening Agent = TCP 7010 – Incoming & outgoing. 


Obviously, if non-default ports are being used for certain protocols, then they will need to be opened instead. 

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