RPK200229: RayPack 4.1 Hotfix 1 (4.1.6718.69)


Install this hotfix to resolve the following problems:

- RayPack 4.1: Cannot repackage an application containing Chinese characters in file names [RPK-2274]
- RayPack 4.1: Cannot install an MSI package that has text replacements [RPK-2275]
- RayPack 4.1: Cannot install an MSI package that has drivers [RPK-2276]

It is recommended to install the hotfix if your installation is affected by any of the above known issues.
If your installations are unaffected, you do not have to install the hotfix.

Installation steps:

Extract the content of the attached .ZIP file directly to the installation folder. The following files should be overwritten:
* Libraries\Raynet.RayPack.Msi.Business.dll
* Libraries\raypack.msi.BusinessLayer.dll
* Tools\msiShortcut\x64\msishtct.exe
* Tools\msiShortcut\x86\msishtct.exe

Additional steps:

- In order to be able to use Chinese characters, your current MSI template has to have a codepage 65001 (UTF-8).
Refer to the following guide Changing the code page of current template to UTF-8 for Chinese character support for more information how to change the codepage.
Note: MSI CodePage is not the same as Summary Information Stream.

Applies to: RayPack 4.1.6702.184

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