RFL200252: RayFlow 4.1 Hotfix 4

RF-3881 'Insufficient permissions to request task' error when performing a finish action via the RayFlow client


Applies to:

all RayFlow Client 4.1


Resolved Issues:

Error on moving a task to a phase for which the current user has no rights.


Provided files:

RF-3881_File.zip containing
- RayFlow.exe (4.1.5854.80)

- Instructions.txt


RF-3881_MSI.zip containing

- RayFlow.Client.4.1.5854.80.msi

- Instructions



Please follow the Instructions.txt document of the chosen solution (ZIP file).

- attached solution: RF-3881_File.zip

- FTP located solutions: RF-3881_File.zip and RF-3881_MSI.zip


FTP credentials:

FTP Server:

ftp://ftp.raynet.de or https://ftp.raynet.de/login.html

User: FTP4RayFlow
Password: GxCgTUW


MSI alternative hotfix location:

[FTP Server]/Client/RF-3881_MSI.zip (Instructions.txt to be corrected)

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