RPK200267: RayPack 4.1 Hotfix 4 (4.1.6912.191)


Install this hotfix to resolve the following problems:

- RayPack 4.1: Cannot import Merge Modules with complex Directory-AppSearch relations [RPK-2334]
- RayPack 4.1: Some functions (for example COM) not working correctly after conversion from MSI/RPP/RCP to App-V 5.0 [RPK-2261]

Hotfix 4 also includes fixes for issues resolved by previous hotfixes:

- RayPack 4.1: Deleting a folder with thousands of entries makes the window unresponsive [RPK-2331]
- RayPack 4.1: Slow scanning and merging of Merge Modules [RPK-2332]
- RayPack 4.1: Cannot repackage an application containing Chinese characters in file names [RPK-2274]
- RayPack 4.1: Cannot install an MSI package that has text replacements [RPK-2275]
- RayPack 4.1: Cannot install an MSI package that has drivers [RPK-2276]
- RayPack 4.1: Removing of folders freezes the main window

It is recommended to install the hotfix if your installation is affected by any of the above known issues.
If your installations are unaffected, you do not have to install the hotfix.


Installation steps:

Two methods are supported:

Uninstall the previous version of RayPack and install the new one by double clicking the new MSI file.

Method 2)
Extract the content of the MSI by calling msiexec /a "<path_to_RayPack_4.1.6912.191.msi>" TARGETDIR="<extract_path>" /qb and then copy over the content of the extracted folder to the installation folder, overwriting all existing files.


Applies to: 

RayPack 4.1.6702.184


Known issue:

Folder deletion cannot be cancelled



The hotfix can be found on our FTP server at the following location:

Hotfix/Packaging Suite 4.1/RayPack/4.1.6912.191

Below you can find the credentials for the FTP:


FTP Server: ftp://ftp.raynet.de or https://ftp.raynet.de/login.html
User: FTP4PackSuite
Password: Pw4P4Su1
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