RPK200268: RayPack 4.1 Hotfix 5 (4.1.6944.192)


To install this hotfix RayPack must be already patched to version 4.1.6912.191 (Hotfix 4).



Install this hotfix to resolve the following problems:

- RayPack 4.1: Null Reference Exception thrown when converting some specific registry structures to App-V 5.x format [RPK-2261]

It is recommended to install the hotfix if your installation is affected by any of the above known issues.
If your installations are unaffected, you do not have to install the hotfix.


Installation steps:

1) Make sure your RayPack is in version 4.1.6912.191. If not, install the RayPack 4.1 Hotfix 4 MSI which will install/patch your installation to version 4.1.6912.191.

2) Extract the content of the attached ZIP file to the main installation folder of RayPack. Make sure to overwrite existing files.

The following file has to be replaced inside /Libraries folder:


Applies to: 

RayPack 4.1.6912.191


Known issue:

Folder deletion cannot be cancelled




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