RFL200273: RayFlow 4.0 P1 Hotfix1

RF-3895 Too many requests from rayflow client


Applies To:  All RayFlow Client 4.1 RTM versions



Once a project was selected, the RayFlowClient (RFC) would connect to the RayFlow Server (RFS) every second or so in order to refresh its dashboard items, potentially leading to the RFS application pool consuming CPU and memory until it is rendered useless, forcing the application pool to be recycled in order for it to start functioning again. 


New Behaviour: 

The RFC now only refreshes a projects dashboard when one of the following actions is performed: 
1.  Loading the project. 
2.  Moving away from the dashboard as well as moving back to it. 
3.  Creating a task. 
4.  Editing a tasks datafields. 
4.  Any right-click context menu action. 
5.  Manually refreshing a phase. 

Each time a task is selected, the RFC will also perform a LockTask check against the RayFlow Server.  If a task is still selected when the RFC is not being used, it will perform a LockCheck action every minute. 


Provided Files:

RF-389540P1.zip containing:- 

- RayFlow.Client.4.0.5921.3.msi - full RayFlow client installation
- RayFlow.exe 4.0.5921.3
- Instructions.txt


FTP credentials:

FTP Server:

ftp://ftp.raynet.de or https://ftp.raynet.de/login.html

User: FTP4RayFlow
Password: GxCgTUW

Location = /Client/Old/RayFlow_Client_4.0/Hotfix/RF-389540P1/

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