RMS200284: Hotfix RMS-292 - Automatic uninstall of un-assigned packages not working

Affected Versions: RMS 10.6

Type: Hotfix

IDs: RMS-292



By adding the additional parameter "-o ApplySecurityPatchPolicy=False" you configure the "Update machine policy" schedule event to ignore security packages when the policy is processed.
Having this parameter automatic installation of exclusive unassigned packages used to be skipped.
This problem has been addressed and now the uninstallation will work as expected.


Always make sure to have a backup of your DLLs and Database before applying any hotfix!



10.6/Hotfixes/RMS-292.zip on Raynet FTP Server:

FTP Server: ftp://ftp.raynet.de or https://ftp.raynet.de/login.html
Password: pwd4rms106


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