RFL200296: RayFlow 5.0 Hotfix 1 (RF-4118)

RF-4118 Upgrade to database version 5.0.6035 (RayFlow 5.0) fails

Applies to: RayFlow Server 5.0

Issue: RF-4118

If any project contains only user groups without members (e. g. after a project import), the "RFDBUpdater.exe -upgrade" command runs into a "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'RoleId' ..." error message:


Provided files:

RF-4118.zip file containing:

- Instructions.txt
- updatescript.sql

1. Replace file "updatescript.sql" in [IntallDir]\SQL_Scripts
2. Rerun "RFDBUpdater.exe -upgrade" command line

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    Dennis Kitzen

    The DB upgrade and the upgrade of RayFlow to version 5 is done succesfully.
    I'm happy to see that you have made an hotfix for it.
    The new version looks good and act a little faster!
    Kind regards,
    Dennis Kitzen.

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