RMS200299: Hotfix - Messaging System - New 'Machine ID as FQDN' Feature


 Affected Versions: RMS 10.6

Type: Hotfix


  • RMS-2349: Summary ActiveMQ broker service should register the DS's FQDN with the AS
  • RMS-2350: Summary RmsClientService high CPU and / or large memory consumption if it fails to connect to its broker
  • RMS-2351: Summary RMS Console - Messaging switch to FQDN



When different domains have devices with the same hostname, duplicate devices within the Messaging System were created causing it to not work correctly. To support such a scenario we implemented the "Machine ID as FQDN" feature. Now you can configure FQDN to be used within the messaging system as the required unique identifier.


Always make sure to have a backup of your DLLs and Database before applying any hotfix!



#8504 - Messaging System.zip

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