RMS200300: Hotfix Bundle License Counting

Affected Versions: RMS 10.6

Type: Hotfix


  • RMS-2389: License counting only shows one device
  • RMS-2390: License Counting Overview report's Target Type column always shows a value of package
  • RMS-2391: Perpetual licenses are given an expiration date when created even though they are supposed to be unlimited licenses
  • RMS-2393: License counting targets failed installs



When a license was configured to use inventory data, it would only display a usage count of 1 instead of the correct amount according to inventory data.  This has been corrected. 

If a license was configured to use either inventory data only or inventory plus package data, the 'License Counting Overview' reports 'Target Type' column would display a value of Package.  This has been rectified and the report will now display a value of Managed for package only licenses, Inventory for inventory only licenses, and Managed Inventory for licenses that use both types of data. 

When a perpetual license was created, an expiration date was created based off of the licenses creation date, even though a perpetual license is unlimited.  This has now been addressed, and perpetual licenses no longer have an expiration value. 

If a license targeted package data, and the package had targeted machines that either had a later version of the product installed or the package was a dependency of another package which the targeted machine did not match the required criteria, this package would not be installed on those machines and a status of 'Not required' would be sent to the Administration Server.  The license counting mechanism used to include this 'Not required' state in its usage calculation.  This inclusion has been removed. 


Always make sure to have a backup of your DLLs and Database before applying any hotfix!




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