RPK200297: Hotfix BEN-300 - In Slow Networks Changing the Status of a Task Throws Exceptions

Affected Versions: PackBench 4.0, PackBench 4.0 Patch 1

Type: Hotfix

IDs: BEN-300



In slow networks (for example behind a slow VPN) it is not possible to change the status of a workflow task. The application throws timeout exception. Other functions seem to work normally.



1. Backup the full content of the \Libraries subfolder in which PackBench is installed.

2. Copy the three files that are part of this hotfix to the \Libraries subfolder.

3. Overwrite all previously existing versions.

4. Repeat the steps 1. - 3. for all client, server, and standalone installations of PackBench (if applicable).


Provided files:

- Raynet.RayBench.Common.Interface.dll

- Raynet.RayBench.DBPersistence.dll

- Raynet.RayBench.Persistence.dll




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