RMS200306: Hotfix RMS-2347 Inventory Import Does Not Bind Workgroup Inventory Data with their Related Discovery Data

Affected Versions: RayManageSoft 10.6

Type: Hotfix

IDs: RMS-2347



This hotfix is intended for scenarios where the OS inventory by ndtrack yields a value for Inventory.Scope that is different from where its actual domain is reported in Win32_ComputerSystem.Domain and inventories like SNMPTracker, RWI, RIU, or WRI and ORATRACK yield no name (DNS query) at all but their IP address.

Use the DNSDomain property of Win32_NetworkDeviceConfiguration when binding an inventory to the computer by inventory data as a workaround for machines with ambigeous names in workgroups.


Always make sure to have a backup of your DLLs and Database before applying any hotfix!




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