RFL200316: RayFlow 5.0 Hotfix 2 (RF-4115, RF-4143, RF-4177)

Applies to: RayFlow Server 5.0



RF-4115: Guid shown instead of File Depot name

RF-4143: Create Phase offers all active File Depots in files upload dropdown

RF-4177: Observer with only view permission can remove files


Provided files:

RF-4177-4115-4143.zip file containing:

- Instructions.txt
- bin\RayFlow.Web.Mvc.dll (Version 5.0.6179.370)
- Views\NewTask\NewTaskProperties_Files.cshtml
- Views\TaskProperties\Template_File.cshtml



  1. Stop the RayFlow application pool.
  2. Replace all provided files (without Instructions.txt file) within the [InstallDir]. 
  3. Start the RayFlow application pool.
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