RMS200100: RMS Console crashes when opening an old UI from the RMS UI


If an old UI (for example manageddevicesettings.msc from \ManageSoft\Libs\API\MMC) is opened via the new RMS GUI, the new RMS GUI cannot be used anymore, since the load indicator will not be closed.

Affected Versions: RayManageSoft 10.4 Patch 4.2



Because of unknown circumstances (as of November 18th, 2015) an exception can be thrown with the following error message:

"WaitForInputIdle failed. This could be because the process does not have a graphical interface."

This results in a RMS GUI crash.



The hotfix now takes this exception into consideration. The load indicator will now be closed correctly and the RMS GUI will be accessible again. The hotfix is located on the FTP server (see credentials below) and can be downloaded from here:


Please follow the instructions to exchange the dll-files from the hotfix.


FTP server:


FTP Server: ftp://ftp.raynet.de
Password: pwd4rms106
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