RFL200029: RayFlow 1.10 SP1 Known Issue - Unable to edit data fields when they are not globally editable.

After upgrading RayFlow to 1.11.1789 database version, certain users are not able to edit all the data fields of a package which is assigned to them even though they have got edit rights to the respective phase.


This was caused by the upgrade only looking at the global editable flag without taking the "enabled" checkbox in the per-task-configuration into account. 


Implement the attached hotfix (RayFlow_1.11.1860_Hotfix.7z) by following these instructions in order to rectify this situation: 

  1. Backup the path\RayFlow\bin\RayFlow.WebApplication.dll file. 

  2. Stop the RayFlow application pool. 

  3. Replace that DLL file with the updated one from the 7z file. 

  4. Start the application pool. 



After implementing this hotfix, the web interface will display 1.11.1860.29 as its new release value, as the hotfix updates the RayFlow application. 

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