RFL200030: RayFlow 1.10 SP1 Hotfix 2

Resolved Issues:
- Unable to edit data fields when they are not globally editable [RF-928] - new DLL - Hotfix 1
- Batch Processing - Go to Tracking link not working [RF-856] - new DLL
- Some packages displayed twice in phase view and tracking [RF-938] - SQL update
- SLA issue: Wrong count of days for "Packages with a Project day schedule" [RF-954] - SQL update

Implement the hotfix by following these instructions in order to rectify this situation:

1.  Extract the RayFlow.WebApplication_1.11.2037_Hotfix.7z file.  
2.  Stop the RayFlow instances application pool.
3.  Backup the path\<RayFlowInstallDir>\bin\RayFlow.WebApplication.dll file to a different location.
4.  Backup the path\<RayFlowInstallDir>\SLACalculator\RayflowSLACalculator.exe file to a different location.
5.  Backup the RayFlow instances database.
6.  Replace the path\<RayFlowInstallDir>\bin\RayFlow.WebApplication.dll file with the path\RayFlow.WebApplication_1.11.2037_Hotfix\bin\RayFlow.WebApplication.dll file.
7.  Replace the path\<RayFlowInstallDir>\bin\SLACalculator\RayflowSLACalculator.exe file with the path\RayFlow.WebApplication_1.11.2037_Hotfix\SLACalculator\RayflowSLACalculator.exe.
8.  Run the path\RayFlow.WebApplication_1.11.2037_Hotfix\SQL_Scripts\Hotfix_1.11.2037.sql quers against the RayFlow instances database. 
9.  Start the application pool.

After implementing this hotfix, the web interface will display 1.11.2037.33 as its new release version and 1.11.2037 as its new database version. 

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