RVY200008: Activate tracing for RayVentory troubleshooting

For troubleshooting purposes you can activate and configure the tracing via the etap.trace file in the RayVentory installation folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\RayVentory).


Please remember to deactivate the tracing if you no longer need it. Otherwise the trace file will grow very large in a short amount of time!


  1. Activate and deactivate tracing

    Look for the following line in the etap.trace file:


    There might be a # in front of this line. Simply remove the # to activate the tracing or put it back in front of the line to deactivate it. Here you can also configure the path of the trace file

  2. Tracing (inventory)

    For taking inventory please check the lines in the etap.trace file under "# +Inventory". Make sure they look like this:



  3. Tracing (discovery)

    For discovery please check the lines in the etap.trace file under "# Discovery agent tracing (mgsdisco.exe)". Make sure they look like this:

    # Discovery agent tracing (mgsdisco.exe)




























These are two examples for activating tracing. There are more tracing options in the etap.trace. Just remove or add the # in front of a + sign to activate or deactivate a specific tracing part of the trace.

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