RMS200181: Hotfix Bundle for RMS Console

Affected Versions: RMS 10.5

Type: Hotfix

IDs: RMS-1363, RMS-1878, RMS-1744, RMS-1777, RMS-1089, RMS-1859, RMS-1868, RMS-1669, RMS-1820, RMS-1619, RMS-1766, RMS-1776



This Hotfix is a bundle for RMS console 10.5 which contains the following Fixes:

When distributing a package, the distribution wizards offers now the possibility to also consider the dependencies of the selected packages to distribute.
On the summary page of the distribution wizard the set of dependency packages is displayed that is going to be also distributed in case the dependency distribution is selected.
Furthermore, we have improved the Library-Snapin and Package-Editor to detect and show cycles in the dependencies of packages. Also you will get a warning when trying to distribute a package having a dependency cycle.


Distribution Wizard got improved. You can now configure the default values for the checkboxes "Force distribution" and "Distribute dependencies".
These used to be always deactivated.


When distributing packages the priority chosen in the wizard was not considered correctly.
The hotfix now takes this exception into consideration. The priority will be assigned now correctly.


When importing inventory logs and having network adapters with overlapping MAC-Adresses entries in Computer and NetworkDevices tabels got wrongly deleted because of faulty determined matchings.
The hotfix deactivates the new functionality.
In 10.5.1 we have re-worked the new cleaning and merging functionality that can be activated in Deployment Manager Configuration.


The tree view in the software library has been improved. Now when using the search mechanism the collapsed nodes are also considered.


Variable doesn't contain all target from package when being created and targets not changed.
Variables are now created correctly having its targets created as it is expected by the validation to be.


The RunCommand dialog of the package editor got improved. The missing columns "Architecture", "Environment" and "Language" had been added.


"Add files by folder" functionality in the package editor has been fixed. The items were wrongly added to the root node instead of the selected one.


"Shortcut" issue in the package editor has been fixed. When using the "This icon was previously used by the application, but is not needed in the current version" checkbox the validation wrongly detected an issue with the package.


The dependency dialog of the package editor has been adjusted. In the target tab you can now only specify the environment for unmanaged dependencies (unmanaged package, hardware inventory, WIMI query).

The architecture and language targets are not supported by RayManagesoft for unmanaged dependencies.


Performance issues when working with the policy snapin or editor. The loading of the policy objects takes to long.
When working in a multi domain environment the performance regarding the communication with proper domain controller is improved.


When working with the policy editor and editing a package there was an issue with the ADBrowser when trying to change the allow or deny group of the package.
It is now accessing the Active Directory with the provided credentials.



Hotfix #6288.zip

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