RSC200188: Known Issue RSC-279 Activating products using a different license overwrites previous activation data


Packaging Suite (RayPack, RayEval, RayQC, RayQC Advanced, PackBench, RayFlow Client)




Activating products using a different license overwrites previous activation data





In the affected product versions, activating any of the products using the Packaging Suite Installer, MSI Installer, or License Activation Tool removes the previous activation data. This can be observed when installing a product using two different order numbers, each containing different products.

During the activation process, affected products generate a binary license which is saved in a specific folder. By default, this location is %ProgramData%\Raynet\Licenses. This shared location ensures that all products installed locally can access it. The name of each file consists of the name of the user and company and a varying identifier which is machine-specific, and the extension is always .rsl. This naming patterns create a potential conflict between different orders, if they share the same name of the company and name of the user (machine-specific part is always constant on a given machine). Once the second activation is done using the same license details (name and customer), the new file name is equal to a previous activation file, and thus the old one gets overriden. This means that the older license is not available anymore on that machine.




After the activation, go to "C:\ProgramData\Raynet\Licenses" and rename the newly created .rsl file to any unique name, which would not generate a conflict described in the previous section. After that, activate the product again using the second order number. Repeat the procedure for any additional order numbers.

The problem does not happen if any of user or a company name are unique for each activation.

Resolved in Version


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