RVY200392: How to migrate a RayVentory Administration server from 10.6 to 11.0




1. RayVentory Administration server 10.6 on Windows Server > 2012 installed

2. Implemented migration hotfix on the administration server:

3. Given params.ini file from the 10.6 installation



The administration server:

  • Run the InstallationLauncher.exe as administrator
  • Select the RayVentory option



  • Select "Options"



  • Fill in the following fields with adequate information (If you don't want to have any changes to your current system, use the information given in your old params.ini file from t6he 10.6 installation)





  • !!!!Attention!!! 
    • Don't use "Instal" as the SQL setup Mode. The installation of an SQL server won't get ignored as displayed.
    • Although the installer gives the information, that the database will be just modified on the local machine, you need also to choose this option if data server and administration server are separated



  • Select this flag if you want to install RayVentory Portal



  • Select this flag if you want to use DNA database for RayVentory Advanced



  • After you configured the installer like given in the requirements, save your configuration and click on "Install"




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