RVY200406: How to install the remote console via a command line

1.  General Information

The remote console (RC) provides the ability to perform RayVentory (RV) management tasks from machines other than the RV server itself.


2.  Installation Specifications

IIS Configuration on RV Server

Within IIS click on the “ManageSoftServices” application then double click on the “Authentication” feature. 


Although the RC will work with Basic Authentication, Raynet recommends Windows Authentication is used instead. 


Click on Windows Authentication and then “Advanced Settings…” to disable ‘Enable Kernel-mode authentication’. 



Click on “Providers” and move NTML to the top. 



Run iisreset from within an administrative command window. 



Authorize Remote Console User

This section applies to the RV Server.

To add a user to the MGS Administrators and MGS Data Modifiers groups, open Computer Management, navigate to Local Users and Groups and look for those two groups.

Now, add the specified user(s) to these groups and apply the changes.


Enable Changes

In order to write these group membership changes within the RV database, open the Task Scheduler and run the “Reconcile ManageSoft directory tables with local computer” scheduled task.



3.  Remote console Installation

Preparing the command line

Replace the highlighted variables with their required values:




CD into the source location via an administrative command window.

The installation does not require any interaction. A window will show the installation progress and will disappear after successful installation. 



Launch the “Deployment Manager Administration Server Console” as Administrator and provide the relevant user name and password.

You should be able to see the dashboard and access its tiles & their snap-ins.



4.  Limitations

The RayVentory remote console cannot be used for ditribution actions as they will fail, so ensure that they are performed from the local console instead. 


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