RVY200727: RayVentory Scan Engine 12.2 Service Pack 4


12.2 Service Pack 4 (12.2.3059.228)


Applicable to:

RayVentory Scan Engine 12.2.2744.195 (12.2 RTM) and any of hotfix/service pack.

This is a cumulative Service Pack which contains all previously released hotfixes.
It can be installed on top of any previous version of RayVentory Scan Engine.

The following changelog contains the list of important changes introduced since the
version 12.2.2810


Feature highlights:

  • RVP-1020: Support for MS SQL Server scanning on UNIX platforms [RIU]
  • RVP-1216: Content of scanned files can be now displayed in a basic file viewer, available in the device inventory overview.
  • RVP-1251: It is now possible to use CyberArk Vault for user/password types of credentials. The integration must be defined for each of the credentials separately.
  • RVP-1254/1255/1258/1260/1266: Inventory Agent has now a native RPM, DEB, AIX and macOS build [RVIA].
  • RVP-1272: Zero-Touch Windows Scan now correctly recognized default registry keys.
  • RVP-1302: New options to filter devices by regular expression, string matching and case sensitivity.
  • RVP-1367: ndtrack.sh now uses a secure temp folder for temporary files.
  • RVP-1370: Rewritten backend for HTTP server for a better performance and stability.
  • RVP-1398/1415: It is now possible to selectively disable credentials.
  • RVP-1419: It is now possible to force secure temp folder creation for ndtrack.sh.

Other changes:

  • RVP-344: Added auto-detection of target type based on property 'guestFullName' obtained from vSphere scanning.
  • RVP-770: Improved behavior after failed ESX inventory scan.
  • RVP-976: Custom properties are now uploaded with their default values.
  • RVP-1026: Improve feedback and upload error messages shown in UI after failed upload of NDI files.
  • RVP-1161: Selected device view has now a scrollbar if the content is too big.
  • RVP-1195: Credentials generated into the default configuration file are now encrypted [RVIA]
  • RVP-1217: Changing the local storage in the Settings screen now forces a restart before the settings are applied.
  • RVP-1228: In the local inventory wizard, a zero-touch scan is now offered to the user.
  • RVP-1245/1350: Added additional properties to the default config files: configDownloadProxyUser, configDownloadProxyPassword, generalTaskMaxDelay, resultUploadProxyUser, resultUploadProxyPassword, encryptionKey [RVIA].
  • RVP-1246: Added confirmation dialog when removing config file [RVIA].
  • RVP-1262: Encryption key settings have been moved from Usage into the General section [RVIA]
  • RVP-1321: Added a maintenance tool for housekeeping and maintenaince activities.
  • RVP-1322: Restored field LastSuccessfullInventoryMethod for filtering purposes.
  • RVP-1333: Deactivated process scanning for AIX in ndtrack.ini.
  • RVP-1339: Installer now ignored firewall-related errors.
  • RVP-1348: Initial HTTP server check availability now supports TLS 1.1/1.2.
  • RVP-1354: Deleting of devices and other scannable objects now also cleans-up their associated NDI files.
  • RVP-1355: Improved algorithm for finding SUDO paths on HPUX.
  • RVP-1380: Implemented enhanced process scanning to get filename and MD5 Checksum of running processes.
  • RVP-1385: Default shell has been changed from BASH to SH for install, local run and upload run scripts.
  • RVP-1391: Removed misleading output regarding cronjobs.
  • RVP-1417: Optimized processing of incoming NDI files by the HTTP server.
  • RVP-1418: SSH Key and Passphrase are now shown in plain text in the Wizard Summary.
  • RVP-1420: Added customer branding.
  • RVP-1433: Evidence for VMWARE_NetworkAdapterConfiguration hardware records is set as expected.
  • RVP-1436: Make sure that RVSE builds a configuration file with usageDisabled=true by default
  • RVP-1437: Adjusted the way how ndtrack.sh gets its absolute path.
  • RVP-1440: Improved displaying of dropdown menu of "Proxy Credentials".
  • RVP-1442: Implemented a delay on start of the program before checking if this is the only running instance.
  • RVP-1448: Improved scanning of already discovered SNMP services.
  • RVP-1451: Improved Oracle RE timeout behavior, it does not trigger anymore if timeout is 0.
  • RVP-1454: Improved network discovery logic, to avoid duplicate entities.

Resolved issues:

  • RVP-1124: Fixed minor translation issues
  • RVP-1214: Fixed a problem where a copy of Scan Engine could keep running after declining UAC prompt, preventing the user from starting another instance.
  • RVP-1219: Fixed incorrect value of property configDownloadSource when a new configuration is created [RVIA].
  • RVP-1249: Fixed empty view of the Oracle inventory details view.
  • RVP-1319: Fixed an issue which could leave SSH key credential type not working.
  • RVP-1334: Corrected the label for the checkbox that excludes devices uploading inventory files via HTTP.
  • RVP-1335: Fixed refreshing of function buttons in schedule editor.
  • RVP-1359: Fixed problem with vSphere inventory, requiring double inventory scan.
  • RVP-1372: Fixed an issue with RVIA where scheduled tasks were not removed by the uninstallation script [RVIA].
  • RVP-1399: Fixed an issue with unnecessary background DNS requests.
  • RVP-1441: Fixed typo in error message of OracleDB discovery.
  • RVP-1462: Fixed a problem where time-out of vSphere inventory could lead to previous results being deleted.
  • RVP-1464: Fixed the creation of new configuration files for RVIA, which previously had no user and password configured by-default.


Please make sure that the inventory agents (Windows and NonWindows) are also updated.
The installation files can be found in the subfolder "\Contrib\InventoryAgent" after the installation of Scan Engine.


Instructions (MSI installation):

1. Perform upgrade using standard MSI installation (both Scan Engine and Inventory Agent must be updated separately).

2. In case the previous installed version of RVSE was lower than 12.2.2784.209 then do the following:

        2.1 Stop the RayVentory Scan Engine Scheduler service

        2.2 Close the RayVentory UI (in case it is open)

        2.3 "C:\ProgramData\Raynet\RayVentoryPortal\Config\schedule.xml" file must be changed.

        All lines that contain "HostAndIpOperatorAnd" need to be set to false:




       2.4 Start the RayVentory Scan Engine Scheduler service again



12.2.3059.228-SP4.zip (FTP)



FTP Access:

FTP Server:







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