RVY200739: Installing multiple RVDH agent instances on the same machine


Starting with RayVentory DataHub 12.2



This article describes how to install multiple agent instances on the same machine


The first agent can be installed as usual via the MSI. Each additional agent must be installed via the CMD.


Proceed as follows:

  • Create a copy of the installation folder of the previously installed agent.
  • Edit the app.config file in the copied folder. The Agent ID MUST be changed, but can be random (as long as no Agent ID is used twice for different service instances). The Tenant ID of the tenant to which the new service should connect.
  • Open the CMD in the folder you copied before and execute the command:
Raynet.RayVentory.DataHub.Agent.exe install -servicename "YOURSERVICENAME".
  • If the service was installed successfully, it can be found in the Windows Services List. This must be started from there now once manually.



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